Homeopathic remedies for your dog

I have had such great success with homeopathic remedies in healing my four children that I now use them in treating my dogs. When our pups went to their new homes I gave them rescue remedy, it calmed them and took that edge of fear away. Homeopathic remedies are symptom specific so if you know your dogs situation and find the appropriate remedy for that challenge the results are fantastic. The trick is finding the correct remedy. Here is a great site by the British Homeopathic Association. Type in your aliment and find the right remedy listed.


Odin is about twenty months, what a handful, I mean he has always been our big, unruly, yet sweet lap boy; but now he is moving past the threshold of getting excited to way too excited. He is enrolled in Obedience classes and starts Monday evening. He is my son’s dog, my son is fourteen and I can honestly say they are journeying through the same challenge! Both Odin and my son are testing the waters at the same time. Whew, like mirrors, willful, stubborn and defiant. I am going to try Lycopodium for anxiety and extremely active dogs that must be kept occupied (for Odin although I am considering it for my son too)!

A few herbal remedies have helped calm Odin including room temperature camomile tea, hops and passion flower. I have a friend who recommends a thunder-shirt, which is just a snug fitting shirt to help your dog feel safe. And lastly of course the more exercise the happier Odin is!

Here is a remedy guide,

Homeopathic Remedy Guide





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